. Photochemical smog consists of

A: O3, SO2 and hydrocarbons

B: O3, PAN and NOx

C: SO3, CO2 and hydrocarbons

D: SO2, PAN and smoke


Best Answer


  1. Brownish opaque smog with little smoke and oxidizing environment.
  2. Photochemical smog contains photochemical oxidants.
  3. Nitrogen dioxide from automobiles split into nascent oxygen and nitric oxide.
  4. Nascent oxygen combines with molecules of oxygen to form ozone.
  5. Ozone further reacts with carbohydrates(from automobile exhaust) to form aldehydes and ketones.
  6. Ketones, oxygen and Nitrogen oxides form PAN (peroxy-acyl-nitrates).

Final Answer-

So, The correct option is B. 

Photochemical smog consists of O3, PAN and NOx


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