. Phylogenetic system of classification is proposed by

A: John Hutchinson

B: Carolus Linnaeus

C: George Bentham

D: Engler and Prantl

Best Answer


  • The phylogenetic system of classification is based on the evolutionary relationship between various organisms.
  • This system was proposed by Engler and Prantl. So, it is the correct option.
  • Carolus Linnaeus proposed binomial nomenclature (the modern system of naming organisms). So, it is the incorrect option.
  • George Bentham gave the foundation for modern systems of vascular plant taxonomy. So, it is also incorrect
  • John Hutchinson gave the Hutchinson classification system based on the origin and evolutionary tendencies of plants. So, it is an incorrect option.

Final Answer: 

Hence, the correct answer is (D) Engler and Prantl.

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