. Plant cell after being place in a strong sugar solution

 The following diagram represents a plant cell after being place in a strong sugar solution.


Guidelines 1 to 5 indicate the following:

(1) Cell Wall

(2) Strong Sugar Solution

(3) Protoplasm

(4) Large Vacuole

(5) Nucleus

(a) What is the state of the cell shown in the diagram?

(b) Name the structure which acts as a selectively permeable membrane.

(c) If the cell had been placed in distilled water instead of strong sugar solution, which feature would not have been seen?

(d) Name any one feature of this plant cell which is not present in an animal cell.


Best Answer

(a) The cell is flaccid i.e. it is plasmolysed.

(b) Plasma Membrane

(c) Plasmolysis would not occur and flaccidity would not be seen i.e. the protoplasm would not have shrunken away from the cell wall.

(d) Cell Wall is absent in animal cell.


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