. Read the passage and answer the questions

that follow. We should preserve nature to preserve life and beauty. A beautiful landscape, full of green vegetation,

will not just attract our attention but will fill us with infinite satisfaction. Unfortunately, because of modernization,

much of nature is now yielding to towns, roads and industrial areas In a few places, some natural reserves are

now being carved out to avert the danger of destroying nature completely. Man will perish without nature,

so modern man should continue this struggle to save plants, which give us oxygen, from extinction.

Moreover, nature is essential to man's health. Which one of the following is the correct statement? According to the passage .

A: Beauty is only skin - deep

B: Everthing is beautiful in its natural state

C: There is beauty in Nature

D: Nature is a moral teacher


Best Answer


  • At the beginning of the passage, it is said that we should preserve nature to preserve ‘life’ and ‘beauty’.
  • From this sentence, it can be inferred that there is beauty in nature.
  • Hence, option C is the only correct answer, and options A, B, and D are wrong because there was no mention of these things in the passage.


Final Answer: The correct answer option is C i.e., There is beauty in nature.


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