. Reproductive age in women starts when their

A: Menstruation starts

B: Breasts starts developing

C: Body weight increases

D: Height increases


Best Answer


The women's reproductive age begins at puberty (at the age of 10-12 years).

With the onset of puberty, there are different sexual characteristics that appear like breast development by mammary gland formation along

with the maturation of follicular cells which are now arrested at metaphase 2 of meiosis 2.

The release of an egg cell happens every month from one of the ovaries.

If the egg cell is not fertilized, the endometrium sheds itself every month to prepare the uterus for the next reproductive cycle. 

The beginning of menstruation also starts with the onset of puberty. This is termed menarche.

Final Answer:

The correct answer option is A, menstruation starts.



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