. Role of hydrogen peroxide in the above reactions is respectively

(I) H2O2 + O2 H2O + 2O2

(II) H2O2 + Ag2O ⟶ 2Ag + H2O + O2


(a) oxidizing in (I) and reducing in (II)

(b) reducing in (I) and oxidizing in (II)

(c) reducing in (I) and(II)

(d) oxidizing in (I) and (II)

Best Answer

Correct Option is: C

(I) H2O2 + O→ H2O + 2O2

In this reaction, O3 is reduced into O-2 ion. Here, hydrogen peroxide is acting as a reducing agent as it reduces Oxone.

(II) H2O2 + Ag2O → 2Ag + H2O + O2

In this reaction, Ag2O is reduced to Ag. Here also Ag2O is reduced hence hydrogen peroxide acts as a reducing agent

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