. Rutherford s scattering experiment is related to the size of the

A: nucleus

B: atom

C: electron

D: neutron


Best Answer


The diagrammatic representation of the Rutherford's alpha - ray scattering experiment is given below:

scattering experiment

During this experiment, beams of alpha particle were passed through a thin gold foil and directions of the alpha rays were observed during the whole experiment.

The conclusions made by the Rutherford were:

  1. In an atom, most of the space is empty because most of the beams passed the foil undeflected.
  2. During the experiment, very few of the beams deflected. As beam were of positive charge they can only be deflected from protons (positive charge itslef). Thus, protons occupy very small space inside an atom.
  3. A very tiny fraction of the beams deflected at a very large angle indicating that the protons are concentrated at a very small space inside an atom.

Final Answer:

Hence, option B is correct.


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