. Science of raising silk worms to obtain silk cocoons is called

(a) Seri culture           (b) Roving

(c) Horticulture          (d) None of these

Best Answer

(a)        Sericulture involves the incubation of the tiny eggs of the silkworm moth until they hatch and become worms (caterpillars). After hatching, the silkworms are placed over finely chopped mulberry leaves and covered by a layer of cotton gauze. Once the complete cocoons are formed, they are gathered. The initial step in the harvesting of silk fiber is to kill the insect inside the cocoon. The cocoons are then dried and brushed to remove coarse outer portion, which consists of coarse filaments. After brushing, filaments from four to eight cocoons are joined and twisted. They are then combined with a number of other similarly twisted filaments, to make a thread that is wound on a reel. The thread is called raw silk.

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