. Select the correct alternative

(i) Evaporation is a slow process

(ii) The air surrounding us gets heated due to heat of the sun

(iii) On a hot summer day clothes dry faster

(iv) During evaporation water changes to water vapours.

(a) (i) & (ii)  (b) (i) & (iii)  (c) (iii) only  (d) All of these

Best Answer

(d) Evaporation is the process in which water changes into water vapours due to heat. It is a slow process as we do not find too much change in the level of bucket full of water. The heat of the sun heats up the air around us and the hot air is also responsible for causing evaporation where direct heat of the sun is unable to reach. On a hot summer day, the sun shines very brightly and due to much heat evaporation takes place faster. So the clothes dry faster on a hot summer day.

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