. Semipermeable membrane

 Study the experimental setup in the figure and then answer the questions that follow.


(a) What phenomenon is being studied by this setup?

(b) Explain the phenomenon mention in (a) above.

(c) What is meant by 'semipermeable membrane'?

(d) What will you observe in the setup after about half an hour? Give reasons for your answer.


Best Answer

(a) Osmosis

(b) Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from their region of higher concentration (dilute solution) to their region of lower concentration (concentrated solution) through a semipermeable membrane.

(c) A semipermeable membrane is a membrane which allows the passage of molecules selectively. It allows a solvent such as water molecules to pass through it freely but prevents the passage of the solute (sugar or salt molecules in solution).

(d) Water molecules will continue to pass from 5% sucrose solution to 10% sucrose solution through the semipermeable membrane due to osmosis. This will continue till the concentration of water molecules becomes the same in both ends of the setup.



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