. Shown Below are some of the cell organelles


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The main characteristics of the given cells are,


1. Mitochondria:

(a) It is of various shapes but usually sausage-like.

(b)Double-walled; inner wall thrown into folds (cristae)

(c) Have their own DNA (containing several genes)

(d)Also contain their own ribosomes.

2. Centrosome (Animal cells only):

(a) A region surrounding the centrioles, located near the nucleus.

(b) Contains one or two centrioles

(c) Centrioles are surrounded by microtubules.


3. Golgi apparatus (In animal cells called dictyosomes in plant cells):

(a) Stacks of flattened membrane sacs.

(b) Consists of tubules, vesicles and vacuoles.


4. Plastids (Plant cells only):

(a) Several kinds, most common ones are chloroplasts containing the green pigment chlorophyll.

(b) Double membered, proteinaceous matrix, contains DNA.

(c) Disc-Like structures called thylakoids contain chlorophyll.


5. Nucleus:

(a) The Largest cell organelle.

(b) Mostly spherical and dense.

(c) Nuclear membrane with pores to allow substances to enter and leave.

(d) Contains network of thread-like structures called chromatin fibres which contain DNA.


6. Ribosomes:

(a) Small granules either scattered in the cytoplasm or attached to the outside of endoplasmic reticulum.

(b) Single-walled, dense, spherical bodies composed mainly of RNA.




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