. Sodium metals are kept in kerosene oil. Why

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Ans.  Sodium is a veritably soft gray -white matter. Sodium is the most common alkali matter and the sixth most abundant element on Earth, comprising2.8 percent of Earth’s crust.

Sodium and potassium essence are kept in kerosene or in dry mineral canvas. Both of these essence are in Group 1 on the periodic table. All metals in that group are veritably reactive with water, including humidity in the atmosphere.

You may have seen vids where people have thrown gobbets of sodium essence into bodies of water. Potassium reacts indeed more violently. Sodium and Potassium are largely reactive essence and reply roundly with the oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity present in the air similar that it may indeed beget a fire. To help this explosive response, Sodium is kept immersed in kerosene because Sodium doesn’t reply with kerosene. It protects these essence from being exposed to any humidity in the air that would beget these essence to reply, potentially violently.

Note: Sodium can be cut with a cutter at room temperature but is brittle at low temperatures. It conducts heat and electricity fluently and exhibits the photoelectric effect (emigration of electrons when exposed to light) to a pronounced degree.

Two of the foremost uses of metallic sodium were in the manufacture of sodium cyanide and sodium peroxide.

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