. Some great author has said that a population explosion is far more dangerous than an atomic explosion. Justify his statement

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Population growth is not the only threat humanity is facing, but it will be a major contributor to the crises that await us and the planet in the coming century. Overpopulating the planet puts us all at risk of extreme environmental and social consequences that we are beginning to witness today. The extreme growth in human population is mortally taxing the Earth and its resources. Each individual person has a unique impact on the planet's environment. Some people may be relatively less damaging than others, but no living individual is without an ecological footprint. In other words, each person needs basic resources and almost all people aspire to utilize significantly more resources than are required by their basic needs. As a result, the Earth is attempting to impose its own checks on human population. We can witness these "checks" in the form of widespread disease and the emergence of new disease strains, food and water shortages, poor harvests and violent and destructive weather caused by climate change. While it should be obvious that the Earth is a finite sphere and cannot endure infinite growth by any single species, we should also remember that Earth's current web-of-life is the result of billions of years of complex evolution. It is irreplaceable. When we look forward to the next 40 years, the most significant population increases will take place in the areas of our world where natural resources and the infrastructure of modernity are already the scarcest. 95% of the human population growth is occurring in countries already struggling with poverty, illiteracy and civil unrest. It will further stress, the already strained ecological systems and worsen poverty in much of the developing world, thus aggravating threats to international security.
Thus, the statement made by an author 'some great author has said that a population explosion is far more dangerous than an atomic explosion' is true.

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