. Some people conclude that politics and social divisions should not be allowed to mix as it will lead to disintegration of the nation

Support this statement with arguments

Best Answer

Ans: No I don’t agree with the statement. In a democracy it is only natural that political parties would talk about these divisions, make different promises to different communities

i. Social divisions affect voting in most countries. People from one community tend to prefer some party more than others. In many countries there are parties that focus only on one community. Yet all this does not lead to disintegration of the country.

ii. Politic of social division can be good if people perceive their identities in plural and inclusive terms keeping in view the other communities and express it in a democratic manner.

iii. People who feel marginalized, deprived and discriminated have to fight against the injustices. Expression of various kinds of social divisions in politics often results in their canceling one another out and thus reducing their intensity. This strengthens the democracy

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