. State Kohlrausch law of independent migration of ions

(a) State Kohlrausch law of independent migration of ions. Write an expression for the molar conductivity of acetic acid at infinite dilution according to Kohlrausch law


(a) Write the anode and cathode reactions and the overall reaction occurring in a lead storage battery

(b) A copper-silver cell is set up. The copper ion concentration is 0.10 M. The concentration of silver ion is not known. The cell potential when measured was 0.422 V. Determine the concentration of silver ions in the cell. silver ions

Best Answer

(a) Kohlrausch Law: “The molar conductance of an electrolyte at infinite dilution is equal to the sum of the molar conductances of the two ions, i.e., the cation and the anion.”

 acetic acid

(a) When lead battery operates, the following cell reactions occur:

Anode half cell reaction

storage battery

copper-silver cell

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