. State the difference in colours of the Sun observed during sunrise/sunset and noon

State the difference in colours of the  Sun  observed during sunrise/sunset and  noon.


Give explanation for each

Best Answer

The Sun and surrounding sky appear  red at sunrise and at sunset because at this time the Sun  is near  the  horizon  and  sunlight  has  to  travel  the  greatest  distance  through  the atmosphere   to  reach  us.  Thus  most  of  the  blue  colour  present  in  sunlight  has  been scattered  out and  away from our  line of sight, leaving behind  mainly  red colour in the direct sunlight beam that reaches our eyes.


When the Sun is overhead  (as at noon) then the light corning from the Sun has to travel a relatively shorter  distance through atmosphere  to reach us. Thus only a little of blue colour of the white light is scattered. Since the light corning from the overhead  Sun has almost  all its component  colours  in  the right  proportion,  therefore  the Sun  in the sky overhead  appears  white

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