. Take one flower each of the families Fabaceae

and Solanaceae and write its semi - technical description. Also draw their floral diagram after studying them.


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Fabaceae - earlier called Papillonoideae. It is distributed throughout the world.

Vegetative characters

They are trees, shrubs, herbs; roots with root nodules.

Stem: erect or climber.

Leaves: alternate, pinnately compound or simple, leaf base swollen(pulvinate), stipulate; venation reticulate.

Inflorescence Characters

Inflorescence: racemose

Flower: bisexual, zygomorphic

Calyx: sepals five, gamosepalous, valvate aestivation.

Corolla: petals five, polypetalous, papilionaceous aestivation

Androecium: ten, diadelphous, anther dithecous

Gynoecium: ovary superior, monocarpellary, unilocular with many ovule, style single

Fruit: legume, non endospermic

Floral formula:

non endospermic

Solanaceae- large family commonly called potato family. It is distributed in tropics, subtropics and temperate areas.

Vegetative Characters

Mostly herbs, shrubs and rarely small trees.

Stem: herbaceous, rarely woody, aerial; erect, branched, hairy.

Leaves: alternate, simple, exstipulate; venation reticulate.

Inflorescence Characters

Inflorescence: solitary,axillary or cymose

Flower: bisexual, actinomorphic

Calyx: sepals five, gamosepalous, persistent, valvate aestivation.

Corolla: petals five, gamopetalous,valvate aestivation

Androecium: stamens five, epipetalous

Gynoecium: ovary superior,bicarpellary, syncarpous, bilocular, placenta swollen with many ovules

Fruit: berry or capsule

Floral formula:

berry or capsule

Final Answer:

The plant from fabaceae family is Pisum sativum

The plant from Solanceae family is Solanum nigrum


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