. The ages of two friends Ani and Biju differ by 3 years. Ani father Dharam is twice as old as Ani and Biju is twice as old as his sister Cathy.

The ages of Cathy and Dharam differs by 30 years. Find the ages of Ani and Biju

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Answer: The difference between the ages of Biju and Ani is 3 years. Either Biju is 3 years older than Ani or Ani is 3 years older than Biju. However, it is obvious that in both cases, Ani's father's age will be 30 years more than that of Cathy's age.

Let the age of Ani and Biju be x and y years respectively.

Therefore, age of Ani's father, Dharam = 2 × x = 2x years

And age of Biju's sister Cathy =  y/2 years

By using the information given in the question,

age of two friends

age of friends



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