. The atomic number of an element is 16. Predict

(i) the number of valence electrons in its atom;

(ii) its valencies;

(iii) its group number;

(iv) whether it is a metal or non-metal;

(v) the nature is oxide formed by it;

(vi) the formula of it chloride;


Best Answer

Ans. Electronic configuration:      2, 8, 6

                                      k  l  m

(i) Number of valence electrons in its atom = 6

(ii) Valency = 2

(iii) Group number = 16

(iv) It is a no-metal.

(v) The nature of oxide formed by it would be acidic.

(vi) Let this element be represented by t5he symbol ‘X’. Formula of its chloride is XCl2.



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