. The biggest state in terms of area, has only

5.5 per cent of the total population of India.

A: Maharashtra

B: Andhra Pradesh

C: Rajasthan

D: Madhya Pradesh

E: None of these


Best Answer

Explanation :

  • Rajasthan is the biggest state in size, its population adds to just 5.5% of the absolute population of India.
  • This lopsided conveyance of the population is because of the differing population thickness of the country.
  • Population thickness = the absolute number of individuals per unit of region. Additionally, population thickness is to a

great extent subject to the topographical area and geographical elements. Accordingly, states like Assam, Himachal Pradesh,

and other uneven territories have a lower thickness of population. While the northern fields and seaside regions like Kerala,

West Bengal, and Maharashtra have exceptionally high population thickness.

Final Answer :

Hence the correct option is C i.e. Rajasthan.



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