. The charge on a proton is

A: -1.602×10-19C

B: 1.602×10-19C

C: 0

D: None of the above



Best Answer


Protons are the positively charged particles that make up a hydrogen atom's nucleus. A proton has a mass of 1.6726219×10-27 kilograms.

A proton's mass is the same as that of a hydrogen atom. One electron and one proton make up a hydrogen atom. Because the mass of an electron is deemed unimportant, the mass of a hydrogen atom can be said to be equal to the mass of a proton. A proton has a mass of 1840 times that of an electron.

A proton's charge is the same as and opposite that of an electron. As a result, it has a single positive charge having the value 1.602×10-19C.

Final answer:

Option B is the correct answer, The charge on a proton is 1.602×10-19C.



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