. The chemical reaction between quicklime

and water is characterised by:

A: evolution of hydrogen gas

B: formation of slaked lime precipitate

C: change in temperature of mixture

D: change in colour of the product


Best Answer


Quicklime or calcium oxide (CaO), when dissolved in water liberates a large amount of heat.

The reaction is so exothermic in nature that the heat produced can be used to ignite paper or to cook meals.

The reaction also produces a hissing sound and the product formed is calcium hydroxide or slaked lime (Ca(OH)2).

CaO(s) + H2O(1) → Ca (OH)2 (s) + 65.2kj /mol

quick lime = slaked lime

Even though slaked lime is formed and this can be a characterisation of the reaction,

the heat evolved is so high that it becomes the dominant factor for the characterisation of this reaction.

Hence, the reaction is characterized by a change in the temperature of the mixture. 

Final Answer:

The correct option is C: change in temperature of mixture.




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