. The correct statement for the molecule CsI^3 is that

The correct statement for the molecule CsI3 is that:

A: it contains Cs3+ and I- ions

B: it contains Cs+, I- and lattice I2 molecule

C: it is a covalent molecule

D: it contains Cs+ and I-3 ions

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We know that Caesium is highly electropositive. Infact, it is the most electropositive element in the periodic table.

Being a Group 1 member, it has one valence electron and exists in its +1 oxidation state in its ionic form.

Since Cs does not exist in +3 oxidation state, we can conveniently rule out option A.

We also know that as we move down the group the size increases and hence I2 molecule is very large in size.

It is due to this large size that it can not be accommodated in the lattice.

Hence, option B is also incorrect.

CsI3 has been found to dissociate into Cs+ and I-3 ions and hence, CsI3 is an ionic compound having Cs+ and I-3.

Thus, option C is also incorrect. Option D, however, is correct.


Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is D: it contains Cs+ and I-3 ions.

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