. The decomposed organic matter is called

A: Callose

B: Callus

C: Litter

D: Humus

Best Answer

  • Decomposition is the process through which complex biological stuff is broken down into simpler inorganic substances. 
  • There are five phases in the breakdown process. Fragmentation, leaching, catabolism, humification, and mineralization are examples of these processes. 
  • Debris fragmentation is the process by which detritivores break down detritus into little bits. Leaching is the process of releasing nutrients in the water and allowing them to permeate into the soil. 
  • Catabolism is the process by which complex compounds are broken down into simpler ones. Humification is the process through which dark-colored humus forms on the soil. Humus is the name given to degraded organic waste. 
  • Mineralization is the process through which hummus degrades to release inorganic nutrients.
Correct Option is: (D) Humus

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