. The dimensions of pressure are the same as that of

(a) force per unit volume

(b) energy per unit volume

(c) force

(d) energy

Best Answer

Correct Option is : (b)

Explanation : Pressure is defined as force applied per unit area.

So, Pressure = Force/Area

Therefore, dimensions of pressure = MLT-2 / L= ML-1 T-2

Dimensions of force per unit volume = Force / Volume = MLT-2 / L3 =ML-2 T-2

Dimensions of energy per unit volume= Energy / Volume = ML2 T-2 /L3 = ML-1 T -2

Dimension of Force = Mass×Acceleration = MLT-2

Dimensions of energy = Force × Displacement = ML2T-2 .

So, dimensions of pressure match with that of energy per unit volume.

Hence, the correct answer to the given question is option 3.

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