. The edible part of the fruit of apple is

A: Thalamus

B: Pericarp

C: Endocarp

D: Involucre



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Fruit is a ripened ovary that is consumed by humans. They primarily have a sweet flavor. It has seeds, which are matured fertilized ovules. Only the fertilized flowers produced fruit. Based on their origin, fruits are classified as simple, multiple, aggregate, or accessory.

A: Thalamus- The ovary, which matures after fertilization and contains the seeds, contains the majority of the fruit's edible parts. However, in some fruits, such as apples, full flowers fuse together to form the fruit. The thalamus floral parts of apples are converted into the fleshy edible part of the fruit, which is the juicy part of the fruit. The edible fleshy part of the apple is called an accessory fruit because it develops from a part other than the ovary.

B: Pericarp- The pericarp, or fruit wall, is divided into three layers: the inner layer (endocarp), the middle layer (mesocarp), and the outer layer (exocarp). It develops from the ovary's walls. It shields the seed from harm. Second, it is edible in the majority of fruits. As a result, it is consumed by animals and birds, aiding in seed dispersal.

C: Endocarp- the inner layer of a fruit's pericarp (such as an apple or orange) consists of two or more layers of different textures or consistency

D: Involucre- The involucre becomes a thick husk that does not split open. The husk decays after the fruit falls to the ground, exposing the hard nut inside. The petals and stamens are arranged in distinct whorls beneath the ovary. The three long styles extend sideways from the ovary's top.

Hence, the correct answer is A :Thalamus.



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