. The father of botany is

A: Theophrastus

B: Brunfels

C: C. Linnaeus

D: O. Tippo

Best Answer


A. Theophrastus is the father of botany. He is called the father of botany because of his major contribution to the field of botany. In his book “Enquiry into plants”- he classified the plants based on their sizes, uses, geographical ranges, and growth patterns. 

B. Otto Brunfels- He was considered the founder of modern botany by Linnaeus. 

C. Linnaeus- He is known as the father of modern taxonomy, he is known for his work in the science of identifying. Naming and classifying organisms. 

D. O. Tippo- He classified plants into two sub-kingdoms- Thallophyta and Embryophyta


Correct Option is: (A)

The Father of botany is Theophrastus.

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