. The longest bone in our body is the

A: Thighbone

B: Forearm bone

C: Hip bone

D: Backbone


Best Answer


Option A is correct:

►The total number of bones that are present in the human body are 206.

►The femur which is also known as the thigh bone is attached to the hip.

►The femur or the thigh bone is located at the upper region of the leg.

►The thigh bone or femur is the longest and the strongest bone inside the body.

Options B, C, and D are incorrect:

►The forearm bone is present at the region of the upper arm.

►The hip bone is present below the stomach region.

►The backbone is the central support structure that connects different parts.

►These three bones - forearm bone, hip bone, and backbone are shorter than the femur or thigh bone.

Final answer:

Option A is correct, that is,

The longest bone of all the bones in our human body is the thigh bone.


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