. The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol is called

A: Nitrogen fixation

B: Moulding

C: Fermentation

D: Infection


Best Answer


Option C is correct:

►Yeast or Saccharomyces cerevisiae breaks the carbohydrates (sugars) to form alcohol.

►This process is termed as fermentation.

►Yeast plays a tremendous role in the process of fermentation and hence it is used to produce fermented products like cake, alcohol, etc.

Options A, B, and D are incorrect:

►Nitrogen fixation is the process of fixing nitrogen into the soil that will help for various biochemical reactions and it is performed by some bacteria.

►Moulding is the process of growing moulds on some food products, contaminated by some fungus.

►Infection is commonly caused by various microbes present in or outside the body which can cause various allergic and harmful effects.

Final answer:

Option C is correct, that is,

The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol is termed as fermentation.


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