. The reproductive part of a plant is

A: Leaf

B: Stem

C: Root

D: Flower

Best Answer


  • Flower is defined as the modified shoot or a specialized reproductive shoot in the flowering plants.
  • Flower consists of four whorls, calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium.
  • Calyx and corolla are called accessory whorls while androecium and gynoecium are called essential whorls.
  • Androecium (stamen) is the male part of the flower. It has anther which bears many pollen grains and each pollen grain has two male gametes.
  • Gynoecium (carpel or pistil) is the female part of the flower. A carpal has an ovary, style and stigma. An ovary contains a single or many ovules. With ovule egg cell or female gamete is present. 
  • Hence, the flower is  the reproductive part of the plant.
  • Roots, stem and leaves are the vegetative parts of the plant and do not take part in sexual reproduction.

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is D i.e. flower.


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