. The shape of NH3 molecule is

A: tetrahedral

B: trigonal planar

C: trigonal pyramidal

D: linear

Best Answer

Explanation :

The correct answer is option C i.e shape of NH3 is trigonal pyramidal. 

The shape of any molecule can be determined based on its hybridization and steric number. 

The steric number of a molecule is calculated by the formula: (No.of valence e- of central atom + No.of monoatomic atoms around it) /2

So,the steric number of NH3 is = (5 + 3)/2 = 8/2=4

For steric number 4,hybridisation of NH3 is sp3

Since there are 3 monoatomic atoms(H) and 1 lone pair of N, so the configuration is (3+1)


Correct Option is: (C) 

trigonal pyramidal

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