. The table given below has certain terms and four blank spaces named A, B, C and D

Cell Feature/Part Function
Amoeba A Movement
Plant cell Plastid B
C Spindle Shaped Contraction
Nerve Cell D Stimuli and response

From the options given below choose the correct combination of terms

(a) A-Pseudopodia; B-Respirations; C-Muscle cell; D-Branched

(b) A-Pseudopodia; B-Photosynthesis; C-Muscle cell; D-Branched

(c) A-Contractile vacuole; B-Photosynthesis; C-Blood cell; D-Spindle shaped

(d) A-Pseudopodia; B-Photosynthesis; C-Cheek cell; D-Spindle shaped

Best Answer

(b) A-Pseudopodia; B-Photosynthesis; C-Muscle cell; D-Branched

(a) The pseudopods are used by Amoeba for movement and as a tool to capture prey.

(b) Plastids are major organelles found in the plant cells, which contain chlorophyll can carry out photosynthesis.

(c) Muscle are spindle-shaped cells, which are involved in contraction and relaxation.

(d) Nerve cells are long, branched and active component of the nervous system, which functions by responding to stimuli.



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