. The Taj Mahal is being affected due to

A: Air pollution

B: Water pollution

C: Radioactive pollution

D: None of these


Best Answer


  • Air pollution is having an adverse impact on the Taj Mahal, making it undergo discolouration from white to yellow.
  • Agra and its surrounding areas have a high rate of pollution due to automotive emissions, municipal garbage burning, cow manure, and other types of waste.

These wastes emitted massive volumes of particulate matter (PM) into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

  • The area around the Taj Mahal is densely packed with light-absorbing particles like brown organic carbon and black carbon particles, as well as dust.
  • The PM levels are more than 2 times the national threshold (40) and more than 8 times the WHO limit, according to numerous reports (10).

Final answer:

Correct Answer is A:Air pollution


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