. The term ecosystem was coined by

A: E.P. Odum

B: A.G. Tansley

C: E. Haeckel

D: E. Warming


Best Answer


Option B is correct:

►The union of all the living organisms and the environment they live in together make the ecosystem.

►There are various ecosystems based on natural factors like land, air, water, etc.

►The term ‘Ecosystem’ was first coined by a British Ecologist, A. G. Tansley in the year 1935.

Options A, C, and D are incorrect:

►The other biologists - E. P. Odum, E. Haeckel, and E. Warming worked on the concepts of ecosystem and ecology.

►But they did not coin the term ‘Ecosystem’.

Final answer:

Option B is correct, that is,

The term ecosystem was coined by A. G. Tansley.


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