. The transformation was discovered by

A: Meselson and Stahl

B: Hershey and Chase

C: Griffith

D: Watson and Crick

Best Answer


Frederick Griffith performed an experiment on Streptococcus pneumoniae, bacteria that causes pneumonia in humans. 

  1. He takes two strains of Spneumoniae, S-strain (smooth strain) secretes a polysaccharide capsule 
  2. R-strain (which does not produce a polysaccharide capsule). 
  3. He infects the mouse with the strains and gets the following results-

 transformation was discovered

  1. He concluded that something from the dead S-type bacteria transformed the type-R bacteria into S-type bacteria. 
  2. Griffith called this process transformation and the unidentified substance causing this transformation was termed the transformation principle. 

Final Answer-

So, The correct option is C. 

The transformation was discovered by Frederick Griffith. 

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