. The water drops fall at regular intervals from a tap

tap 5 m above the ground. The third drop is leaving the tap at the instant the first touches the ground. How far above the ground is the second drop at that instant?

A: 1.25 m

B: 2.50 m

C: 3.75 m

D: 4.00 m


Best Answer


Given, Height of the tap s = 5 m,g = 10 m/s2

Here, Time for the first drop

s =ut + 1/2 gt2

5 =0× t+1/2(10)t2


t =1sec

It means, Third drop leaves after 1 sec of first drop 

So each drop leaves after 0.5 sec

The distance covered by the second drop in 0.5 sec =(0.5)2=0.25m

Therefore, the distance of second drop above the ground is 5-0.25=3.75m

Final Answer:

Hence, Option (C) is correct. ( 3.75 m )



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