. Tick mark the correct answer in each of the following

a. Fat is completely digested in the

i. stomach               ii. Mouth

iii. Small intestine      iv. Large intestine




Best Answer

Correct option: a. iii. Small intestine

Solution: The complete digestion of food takes place in the small intestine. The carbohydrates get broken into simple sugars such as glucose, fats into fatty acids and glycerol, and proteins into amino acids.

b. Water from the undigested food is absorbed mainly in the

i. stomach               ii. Food pipe

iii. Small intestine      iv. Large intestine

Correct option: b. iv. Large intestine.

Solution: The large intestine is wider and shorter than small intestine. It is about 1.5 metre in length. Its function is to absorb water and some salts from the undigested food material.


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