. To find the image-distance for varying object-distances in case of a convex lens,

a student obtains on a screen  a sharp  image  of a bright  object  placed  very far from  the lens. After that  he gradually moves the object  towards the lens  and  each time focuses its image  on the screen.

(a) In  which  direction-towards or away  from  the  lens,  does  he  move  the  screen  to focus  the object?

(b) What  happens to the size of image-does it increase  or decrease?

(c) What  happen when  he moves  the object  very close to the lens?

Best Answer


(a) He moves the screen away from lens to focus the object

(b) The size of the image increases.

(c) When the object is placed very close to the lens, then no image will be formed on the screen.


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