. Triangular pyramid faces

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A triangular pyramid is a 3-d shape in which all of the faces are triangles. It is a pyramid with a triangular base linked by 4 triangular faces in which 3 faces meet at one vertex. If it is a right triangular pyramid, the bottom is a right-angled triangle while the other faces are isosceles triangles.

Let us do a small experiment to study more about the net of a triangular pyramid. Take a sheet of paper. You can examine different nets of a triangular pyramid provided below. Copy this on a paper. Cut it along with the edge and fold it as shown in the image below. The folded paper forms a shape of triangular pyramid.

Types of Triangular Pyramid

There are 3 types of triangular pyramid

1. Regular Triangular Pyramid

A regular triangular pyramid has equilateral triangles as its faces. Since it is made of equilateral triangles, all its internal angles are 60°.

Regular Triangular Pyramid

2. Irregular Triangular Pyramid

An irregular triangular pyramid also has triangular faces, however they are not equilateral. The internal angles in each plane add up to 180° as they are triangular. Unless a triangular pyramid is mainly referred to as irregular, all triangular pyramids are assumed to be regular triangular pyramids.

Irregular Triangular Pyramid

3. Right Triangular Pyramid

A right triangular pyramid (a 3-dimensional figure) has the bottom as a right-angled triangle and the apex is aligned above the middle of the bottom. It has one right-angled base, six edges, three triangular faces, and four vertices.

properties of triangle pyramid

The properties of a triangular pyramid help us to identify a pyramid from a given set of figures quick and easily. The different properties of a triangular pyramid are:

♦ A triangular pyramid has four triangular faces, six edges, and four vertices.

♦ three edges meet at each of its vertex.

♦ A triangular pyramid has no parallel faces.

♦ A regular triangular pyramid has equilateral triangles for all its faces. It has 6 planes of symmetry.

♦ Triangular pyramids may be regular, irregular, and right-angled.

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