. Two very small organisms X and Y both

Two very small organisms X and Y both reproduce by the method of budding. Organism X is industrially very important because it is used in making alcohol from sugar. It is also used in making bread. Organisms Y is a tiny animal having tentacles which lives in water

(a) What is organisms X 

(b) Name the process in which X converts sugar into alcohol

(c) To which class of organism does X belong 

(d) What is organisms Y 

(e) Out of X and Y, which organism is multicellular and which one is unicellular

Best Answer

(a) X is Yeast

(b) Fermentation is the process by which sugar converts into alcohol

(c) Organism Y is fungi

(d) Yeast ( X) is a unicellular and Hydra (Y) is a Multicellular

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