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Name any two regions of Rajasthan which are very hot.


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  • Rajasthan's climate is described from a wide range of contrasts. Rajasthan has been categorised into climate areas by many specialists, each with its own set of emphasis factors.
  • Jaisalmer district, northern Barmer, western Phalodi Tehsil of Jodhpur, western Bikaner, and southern Ganganagar district are all part of the arid region.
  • Regions that are semi-arid include: The average temperature during the winter season is between 10 and 17 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature during the summer season is between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius.
  • Rainfall is scarce in the semi-arid humid region, and it is restricted to a few monsoon months alone.
  • The humid region receives cyclone-related winter rainfall as well as monsoon season rainfall ranging from 60 to 80 cm.

Final Answer:

Regions of Rajasthan that are very hot are:-

Jaisalmer and Bikaner



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