. We cannot pass on to our progeny the experiences and qualifications earned during our life time. Justify the statement giving reason and exampl

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Ans. All traits of the parent  cannot  be transmitted to the offspring  because all traits are not inherited    traits,   some   of   the   characteristics   are   acquired.   The   experiences   and qualifications earned during  our lifetime are examples of acquired  traits. A  trait  of  an  organism   which   is  'not   inherited'  but  develops   in  response   to  the environment is called an acquired  trait. The acquired  traits of organisms cannot be passed on to their future generations. Only those traits can be transmitted  to future generations in which changes have occurred in the genes present in the reproductive cells of parent organisms.

For example,  If we  breed  some  mice, all the  progeny  of mice will  have  tails, just like parents.  Now, if we cut the tails of these first generation  mice surgically and breed them, we will get new mice, all with full tails. Despite the cutting of tails of mice for a number of generations, a tailless mouse is never born. This is because the cut tail of mice is an acquired  trait which is never passed on to their progeny. This is because cutting the tails of mice does not change the genes of their reproductive cells.


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