. What are acquired diseases

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  •  A disease is a disorder that causes cells, tissues, and organs to stop working normally. It can be of different types like infectious and non infectious , acquired and congenital and acute and chronic.
  • Diseases that an organism has or developed at some time during its life span are known as acquired diseases. 
  • Pathogenic infection, aging, and climate variations all have a role in these disorders. They are also known as primary diseases, as they can appear at any time during one's life. 
  • It has a significant impact on human health. Salmonella infections, AIDS/HIV infections, influenza, malaria, cancer, norovirus infections, and other acquired disorders are examples.

Final Answer : 

  • An acquired disease is one that started during one's lifetime, as opposed to a congenital condition, which is one that was present at birth.
  • Although acquired sounds like it could indicate "contagious," it just means "acquired after birth." It may also signify secondary disease, however acquired disease can equally be main disease.

Examples: Influenza, Bacterial pneumonia.,Norovirus infection, Botulism.



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