. What are decomposers Name any two of them

What do they do in the forest

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Decomposers obtain nutrients and energy by decomposing dead organisms and animal waste.

A decomposer is an organism that breaks down organic materials from dead organisms to obtain energy. These organisms are primarily plants that are alive. Examples include fungi, worms, and microorganisms. The dead stuff they eat is referred to as detritus, which means "garbage." They are extremely important in nutrient athletics. 

Customers have the ability to store the energy obtained from their prey in their bodies. When a customer dies, decomposers break down muscle and skin tissue, returning minerals and resources to the scheme for future use.

Bacteria and fungi are the names of the two decomposers.

The chemicals that are left behind dissolve in the soil and serve as nutrients for living beings such as germinating seedlings. They play an important role in clearing the debris of dead plant and animal remains and converting them into humus, which enriches the soil's nutrients.



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