. What are different Biotic agents explain all biotic agents

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This is the type of allogamy which occurs by the help of birds.  Two common types of tropical pollinating birds are sun birds and humming birds.  Common bird pollinated plants are Bombax, Erythrina, Callistemon, Butea monosperma, Bignonia, Lobelia, Agave, Grevillea


Here pollen grains from an anther of a flower are transferred to a mature stigma of another flower through the agency of insets like moths, butterflies, wasps, bees, beetles etc.

Bees are the dominant biotic pollinating agents.


  • Flowers are large, colourful, fragrant and rich in nectar.
  • If the flowers are small they are clustered into an inflorescence.
  • Pollen are sticky.


It is the mode of allogamy performed by bats.  Chiropterophilous flowers are dull-coloured with strong fermenting or fruity odour, abundant nectar and pollen grains. e.g. Adansonia, Kigellia pinnata, Anthocephalus, Bauhinia megalandra.


Allogamy occurs by the help of snails.  e.g. Arisaema, Lemma, Aroids.

E)Controlled pollination

In breeding experiment, the plants are hand pollinated to ensure cross pollination between selected varieties, e.g. Date palm.


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