. What are Exothermic and Endothermic reactions

Give one example of each of them.  Solution:

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Exothermic reaction is basically defined as a reaction that proceeds with the release of energy, which could be either in the form of light or heat.

The basic chemical equation to represent an exothermic reaction is as follows:

Reactants → Products + ∆, where ∆ = energy

Example of an exothermic reaction is burning of any substance. 

Meanwhile endothermic reactions are reactions which involve absorption of energy in any form. Since energy in the form of heat could be absorbed from the surrounding,it would lead to lowering of temperature,producing a cooling effect. The basic chemical equation representing  an endothermic reaction:

Reactants + ∆→ Products

Example of an endothermic reaction is evaporation of water which involves absorption of heat by liq H2O to convert into vapour. 

Final Answer :

Hence, the exothermic and endothermic reactions can be represented by these basic equations:

Reactants → Products + ∆ —--- Exothermic

Reactants + ∆→ Products —---- Endothermic




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