. What are fossils? How are they formed? Described in brief two methods of determining the age of fossils. State any one

role of fossils in the study of the process of evolution. 

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Ans. When organisms die their bodies will decompose and be lost. But every one in a while, the entire body or at least some parts may be in an environment that does not let it decompose completely that does not let it decompose completely. If a dead insect gets caught in hot mud, e.g., it will not decompose quikly and the mud will eventually harden and retain the impression of the body parts of the insect. All such presenved traces of living organisms are called fossils.

Methods of determining the age of fossils:

(1) If we dig into the earth and start finding fossils, the fossils we find closer to surface are more recent than the fossils we find in deeper layers.

(2) The second way is by detecting the ratios of different isotopes of the same element in the fossil material.


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