. What are hydrocarbons? Write the name and general formula of (i) saturated hydro­ carbons

(ii) unsaturated hydrocarbons, and  draw  the structure of one  hydrocarbon of each type. How can an unsaturated hydrocarbon be made saturated?


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Ans.  Hydrocarbons: A compound made   up  of  hydrogen and  carbon is called  hydrocarbon. Petroleum is the most important natural source  of hydrocarbon.

The general formula of saturated hydrocarbons or alkanes is CnH2n+2 where n is the number of carbon atoms in one molecule  of the alkane

Example: If an alkane  has 1 carbon atom,  then  n = 1.

Molecular formula will be C1H2x1+2  = CH4



• An  unsaturated  hydrocarbon is  a  hydrocarbon in  which   the  two  carbon atoms are connected by a I double bond' or a.' I triple  bond'.

• An unsaturated hydrocarbon in which  the two carbon atoms are connected by a double bond  is called  an alkene.

General formula: CnH2n

Example: If n  = 2


An unsaturated hydrocarbon in which the two  carbon  atoms  are connected by a triple bond  is called  an alkyne.

General formula: CnH2n-2

Example: If n = 2

C2H2X2-2 = C2H2


An .unsaturated hydrocarbon can be made  saturated by the addition of hydrogen in the presence of nickel or palladium metal  as catalyst 


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