. What are potential and actual resources

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Actual Resources: The resources where volume is known which are being used in the present is called actual resources. Actual resources are the ones surveyed, determined by their volume and consistency. Coal, water, and petrol are examples of actual resources. At the same time, they're being used. It has been surveyed, their quality and volume are determined and are presently in use. The help of advanced technologies is used to dig out these resources.

Some cases of these resources are natural oil reserves of the Middle East, the hydroelectric power of Niagara Falls, iron ore deposits of Madhya Pradesh, petroleum and natural gas in West Asia and India’s Mumbai High, dark soils in Deccan plateau and rich coal deposits in Germany.

Potential Resources: The resources that are present in a specific area and can be used in the future are called potential resources. The exact volume and consistency of the resource are uncertain. Advanced technology is required to make the stylish use of these resources.

Then we don't know the exact quantity and quality of the resource. We need advanced technology to use these coffers in future. As technology grows it's possible to use it in the future. They aren't actually being used.

Some cases are the existence of Mineral Oil is depicted in major corridor of India where sedimentary rocks are found but the date it's actually drilled out and put into use, it remains as a implicit resource. In the same way, Uranium plant in the terrains of Ladakh also comes under this species. Nearly 200 years ago, high-speed winds were recognised as a potential resource, now it's used as an factual resource in wind farms for generating wind energy using windmills in the Netherlands, Nagercoil in Tamilnadu and Gujarat states of India.

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