. What are the Conditions for Hydrogen Bonding

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In a molecule, when a hydrogen atom is linked to a highly electronegative atom, it attracts the shared pair of electrons more and so this end of the molecules becomes slightly negative while the opposite end becomes slightly positive. The negative end of 1 molecule attracts the positive end of the opposite and as a result, a weak bond is made between them. This bond is called the hydrogen bond.

As a results of hydrogen bonding, a atom links the 2 electronegative atoms simultaneously, one by a chemical bond and therefore the other by a chemical bond . The conditions for hydrogen bonding are:

The molecule must contain a highly electronegative atom linked to the hydrogen atom. The higher the electronegativity more is that the polarization of the molecule.

The size of the electronegative atom should be small. The smaller the size, the greater is the electrostatic attraction.



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